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More eggs

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It’s a good job I took the photo of that one before, because I broke it the next day, gah!! I was having one of those clumsy days where everything goes wrong, by the evening I hardly dared touch anything. It broke cleanly enough that it fits back together almost invisibly, but I have to figure out how I’m going to glue it without getting an oozy gluey ridge. I’m not sure it’s even possible. At least it wasn’t one of my favourites, like these two:

Swirl/spiral egg Flower band egg

This is an older photo of when I’d just got the designs laid out on them:

Eggs in progress

Obviously the more complex ones are taking a while. I find it works best to give the eggs a few coats of acrylic paint before I start drawing on them (especially with the Best Before and everything printed on them these days, which I hate – yes, it’s handy if all you want to do is eat them, but for decorating it’s extremely annoying!) but the pencil marks show up very strongly on it, don’t like to be rubbed off, instead just smearing around, and it takes several layers of the coloured paints to obscure them. Once again, I’m sure there has to be any easier way, I just need to find it!

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Spring has sprung

Posted on Friday, 20th April, 2007. Filed under: crafts (not knitting), knitting |

Two suitably fresh and breezy creations, first off some straightforward socks in a cotton Regia – they feel absolutely wonderful on my feet!

Blue stripey cotton socks

And an egg with spring flowers:Painted flower egg

Apologies for the blurriness of the shot of the daffodil side. I don’t like the hard lines between the blocks of colour, but by the time I’d realised it was a bad idea it was too late. I’m pretty pleased with it overall, though. I started on about half a dozen eggs before Easter and I’m still not finished with them all… I finished painting another two today and was delighted with them, but now I’m a bit upset because when I varnished them this evening I got too much on there and it’s dripped. I don’t know what happened, it’s a spray varnish and I was sure I did everything the same as before, when it worked perfectly! I hope they don’t turn out to be ruined, I’ve spent hours and hours building up layers of paint on them.

Now to have another fiddle around with settings in here, I was also sure I’d got rid of the requirement to moderate comments that I didn’t even know was there to start with, but apparently not…

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A new start, with my third pair of socks

Posted on Sunday, 15th April, 2007. Filed under: knitting |

I’m thinking this blog might be the more sensible way to show off my crafts, we’ll see how things go… I’m not overly keen on the look of it but it will have to do, maybe one day I’ll actually get round to learning about CSS and be able to get it how I want.

Anyway, what I’m here for: socks. My third pair, in a Regia 4-ply I bought in Oberstdorf (wheee):

Fuchsia lace socks


I’m not as thrilled with them as my previous pairs, even apart from the mistake in one row that I was too lazy to take back. I thought that as it was a rib, if a fairly wide and fancy one, I wouldn’t need different ribbing at the top, but I now see it really would’ve looked better. Also, although, I like very short socks, I think in this pattern they also would’ve looked better longer, or just with the additional length of some 1×1 ribbing. I also think I need to be doing a deeper heel. But, live and learn, they feel fine so they’ll still get worn, if only under trousers where they won’t show. And, inspired by these, I think I might run some ribbon round the top of them, in which case they’d look pretty enough to wear with a skirt.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my next lot of yarn, I got the email to say it had been sent about four days ago but there’s still no sign of it! I hate Royal Mail.

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