Sizing of Tiny Tulips

Posted on Wednesday, 16th May, 2007. Filed under: knitting, patterns |

I did mean to include this information in the first place, but in my eagerness to get the pattern up I forgot, sorry!

First off, I knitted them on 2.5mm needles (16cm Clover bamboo, I luuurve them) at 8 stitches to the inch. The “tiny” is particularly appropriate as my feet are only a UK 3.5, Euro 36. So if you’re always having to adapt patterns to reduce them in size, you’re in luck this time 😉 That said, I’m taking into account the comparative lack of stretch of the Regia cotton. In that, 56 stitches is absolutely spot-on for me, but in a 70%+ wool yarn, I find 56 results in socks that are a bit too baggy. On the other hand, I’m finding I like those woollier yarns at tighter tensions, so I will end up needing more stitches. One day I intend to work on that version, which essentially will result in a pattern for a bigger sock. If I do that I’ll put it online, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, I’m quite the procrastinator. Of course it’s easy enough to add in another 8-stitch pattern repeat, but I’m not sure how that will affect the change into the ribbing on the foot, I can’t picture these things until I try them.

Hope that all makes sense, I’m probably rambling! I’m up way too late because of… yeah, knitting. I decided to try making wristwarmers, and after getting one done (time to knit one wristwarmer, making it up as you go = length of Vera Drake including adverts on Film4, very convenient) I loved it so much I couldn’t resist casting on for the second even though I was already sleepy, and now I’m done. I really have to find some self-control. But they’re great, I can’t believe what an amazing difference in warmth two little tubes of 8g of yarn each can make! My hands often get cold if I’m knitting in the evenings; I’ve tried wearing my Fetching gloves (which got me instantly hooked on knitting on double-pointed needles and so soon onto socks) but they get in the way that bit too much, so these should be perfect! My mum’s already put in an order for a pair for herself, so I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow evening, too. (No photos as my camera doesn’t like artificial light and it is, as I said, the middle of the night.)


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4 Responses to “Sizing of Tiny Tulips”

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from Nancy Newkirk
I would love to get your pattern. The socks
look very interesting. I could not get the
html link.

I can’t wait to see your wristwarmers once daylight comes around!! 🙂


[…] added a post with the information I forgot in my excitement here, which I meant to edit into this post and didn’t get round to that, either. Probably I should […]

Wow this is a beautiful pattern, I am going to try it!

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