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Merino socks

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Knitted on 2mm Clover bamboo dpns with Socrates hand-dyed merino in Genevieve (I used 68g.). It’s the first time I’ve knitted with merino, and I can’t believe how soft and springy it is! Gorgeous stuff, although I did find this yarn a little splitty, and they feel wonderful on my feet.

I love the way the colours work with the slip-stitch pattern on the heel:

I slightly messed up the heel turn on the second one, I wasn’t giving it my full attention and it ended up a few stitches off centre, but I left it as is, it doesn’t bother me, I can’t see it in the finished sock, probably I could if I looked carefully enough knowing it was there, but the kind of mistake you have to do that to find is that kind that really can be left.

I did the longest heel flap I’ve done on any socks so far with this pair, and it’s perfect, they fit so well. With the 2mm needles I had to cast on 72 stitches to start rather than the 56 on 2.5mm, so the going was a lot slower and sometimes it seemed to take forever to get to the end of the instep needle compared to what I’m used to, but it was definitely worth it, I love the fabric.

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For morris dancing, in my kit colours, with silver clog charms that were a great find on Etsy, and, of course, bells:

Morris dancing earrings

And just for being a bird obsessive:

Bird earrings

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Feather & Fan silk scarf

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Feather & Fan scarf detail Well, sort of feather & fan. I was doing the pattern from memory and completely forgot about the wrong-side knit rows until I was far enough in to influence my decision that I didn’t really care. So it doesn’t lie quite as flat as it could, but it doesn’t really matter.


Feather & Fan scarf being blocked Blocking was really not fun. I’ve never had to do it before because they only things I’ve made that really had to be prodded into shape were crochet snowflakes and stuff where they just got treated to some spray starch and a light press with the iron. My hallway was the only place where I had enough space to lay the whole thing out, (which caused some problems when the electrician had to come in with his steps to fix something, which I’d forgotten about, oops), and I’m not sure if I was going about things the right way. But it worked and it was worth it, I’m very pleased with the result!

Feather & Fan scarf


4-ply bourette silk on 3.75mm needles. They were metal needles because that’s what I had, and they felt so huge and slippery as I’m spending most of my time on skinny bamboo ones for socks. I’m sure it would’ve knit up a lot tighter on bamboo needles of the same size.

I know there are too many reallys in this post, and it’s really really annoying, but I’m too tired to fix it. They’re a bad habit of mine at the best of times.

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