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Bruschetta-flatbread thing

Posted on Sunday, 24th February, 2008. Filed under: baking |

It’s not what I’d normally regard as a bruschetta, but it’s my recreation of what comes under that name in my favourite deli.

Bruschetta flatbread

I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe for Garlic & Parsley Hearthbreads from How To Be a Domestic Goddess, but used basil instead of parsley in the topping, and then added tomato, onion and roasted red peppers (the latter from a jar) on top of that. It is gooood. I like it better than the deli one, actually.

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Bright Nordic Mittens

Posted on Friday, 8th February, 2008. Filed under: knitting |

Though not quite as bright as they look in these photos!

Bright Nordic Mittens, fronts    Bright Nordic Mittens, front and back

I just couldn’t get any photos to come out looking remotely the right colour when I had them laid out flat. The colours are much more true in this one:

Bright Nordic mitten, on my hand

I love how the design works with the shape of my hand! I couldn’t be sure until it was done if I’d got things in the right place.

I used Jaeger Matchmaker Merino on 3mm and 3.25mm dpns.  The design is my own, inspired by various ones I’ve seen online. The simple repeating background is one I came up with for some socks (and I’m sure many other people have come up with it independently), and I used a peasant thumb as it’s the only one I know how to do – the only other mitten-like things I’ve made before are many many pairs of Fetching from Knitty, and that’s where I learnt it.

This is also my first finished colourwork project (the socks are still in progress) so I’m completely thrilled, I keep looking at them and wondering how I came up with knitting that looks like it belongs to someone else! I am always confident with crafts and rarely think something is beyond me, but when I knitted when I was younger I just could not get the hang of colourwork, my tension was awful, it all ended up looking a mess, so I just set it aside as an area I happen to not be good at and ignored it. I saw so many beautiful patterns though that I just had to give it another go more recently, and to my astonishment, it was no problem at all. I suppose being a much better knitter overall by now just gives me more of an instinct for getitng the right feel of it.

These could be improved; I’ve learnt a lot from them. I would do my decreases slightly differently to make them look a bit tidier, and the thumb is about half an inch too baggy: next time I would probably do it over the same number of stitches but decrease rapidly in the first two or three rows. But overall I’m very happy and looking forward to more mittens, and more colourwork!

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Wristwarmers pattern

Posted on Sunday, 3rd February, 2008. Filed under: knitting, patterns |

Finally! There really are reasons for the delay this time, but I won’t bore you with them.

Anyway, I love these. I can’t believe how much difference in warmth they make, without getting in the way as I often find even fingerless mitts do. I think they look really cute peeping out of the ends of my sleeves, too. They’re perfect for using up little scraps of yarn and are easily knitted in an evening, which is just as well because everyone who sees them wants a pair!

Wristwarmer    Rainbow wristwarmers    Random pastels wristwarmer

I used 16g of 4-ply/sock yarn for a pair (Regia in the photos above), on 2.5mm needles (Clover bamboo), giving me a gauge of 8sts/inch.

By “m1” I mean a raised increase.

Cast on 48 stitches, join without twisting and distribute across needles (I use four dpns so it’s 16 on each of three.)

Work in 2×2 rib for 3 inches.

Hand shaping:

Round 1: K1, m1, K1, P2, repeat to end.
Round 2: K3, P1, m1, P1, repeat to end.
Round 3: K1, knit into front & back of next stitch, K1, P3, repeat to end.

Work pattern of K4, P3 as set for 5 rows.

Cast off loosely, weave in ends.

I’ve also made a version with mock cables on the 2×2 rib, ending with cables across four stitches after the increases. (I wasn’t concentrating and went the wrong way on some of that last lot – I think I’ve hidden most of them in the photo so we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen!)

Cabled wristwarmer

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